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Getting started with python using eclipse

Getting started with Python using eclipse

Step1: Download latest Python from the python site.

Step2:  Click on the downloaded exe file. Then it will open like below screen


Step 3: While installing , you need to  check the both check box.

Step 4: Click the Customize installation, .

Step 5: Click on the Next button,

Step 6: Change the Customize install location(C:\Python32), you can give any location where ever
                  you need python to be install. Then click finish

Step 7:  Python installed successfully on your machine.

Step 8: Now we need to download eclipse latest version for windows from this link.
Step 9 : unzip the downloaded eclipse.
Step 10:  open eclipse and select workspace
Step 11:   Click on help – Install New Software

Step 12: Provide as mentioned below screenshot select all checkboxes, then click finish.
Step 13 :Select the checkboxes to install the python plugin in eclipse

Step 14: Need to configure python in eclipse.
  Go to eclipse – Windows- preferences-

Step 15: Check for PyDev or python – Python Interpreter – Click on the new button
Add the Interpreter Name and Interpreter Executable – where ever your python installed location
Python plugin has been configured in your eclipse successfully.
Step 16 : create PyDev project- Give any project name (helloworld_python)
    In eclipse- File- New - PyDev project

Provide name as  - helloworld_python then click finish, But make sure – Create src folder and add it to the PYTHONPATH- radio button selected

Step 17: Now python project created. Need to create Python Module in order to start the coding.
              Right click on the src folder of the python project- >new -> pyDevModule

Step 18: Click finish

Copy below code into your program

def hello(userInput):
    return "Hello World:"+userInput
userInput= input("Please type your name:")

Step 19: How to run the python program – Right click on the program
  Run As – Python Run

Input - Please type your name: siva
Output- Hello World: siva


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