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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Zookeeper Basics, HBase Zookeeper

This post will explain you basics about Zookeeper.
Why Zookeeper
Zookeeper is coordinating mechanism for HBase.

It is mainly used in cluster environment.
Target market for Zookeeper

Zookeeper Data Model
1. Hierarchal namespace (like File System)
2. Each Z node as data and children
3. Data is read and write in its entity

Zookeeper will provide services like, if any one server failure , then another server will be accessible, without any delay.
Zookeeper will provide
1. Wait free
2. Simple , Robust, Good Performance
3. Turned for Read Dominant Workloads
4. Familiar Models and interfaces
5. Need to be able to wait efficiency
Zookeeper and Hbase
Master failover
Region servers and master discovery via zookeeper
1. HBase clients connect zookeeper to find configuration details
2. Region server and master failure detection.
How HBase and Zookeeper will work?

If more than one master, then they fight
Root Region Server
1. This Z node holds the location of the server hosting the root of all the tables in HBase.
2. A directory in which there is a znode per HBase region server
3. Region servers register themselves with zookeeper when they come online.
On region server failure (detected via ephemeral znodes and notification via zookeeper), the
master splits the edits out per region.

These are the basic details about zookeeper.
Thank you very much for viewing this post.

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